Sunday, 1 February 2015

Cookbook Challenge - The Chosen Books

I have been thinking over the last month about precisely which books I want to cook from and I think I have come up with a preliminary list, I'm posting here primarily as a record for myself as there is a good chance I will loose the list. The top 9 are the ones I want to cook from first, other than that I have no order decided for the rest (those books underlined are books I have not cooked from or posted about before)

Happy herbivore holidays and gatherings
Slow cooking for two or just for you
Vegan slow cooking
Vegan diner
American vegan kitchen
World vegan feast
Teff love
Vegan sandwiches save the day
Keep it vegan

Isa does it
Big vegan
Betty goes vegan
Oh she glows
Vegan pizza
Bake and destroy
Skinny bitch in the kitch
Crunk cooking
The uncheese cookbook
Appetite for reduction
Vegan comfort food
Low calorie vegan comfort food
Animal aids favourite recipes
Nut butter universe
Chocolate covered Katie
Thug kitchen
Instead of chicken, instead of turkey

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