Sunday, 8 February 2015

Slow Cookers

This is a quick post regarding slow cookers, my usual slow cooker is a 2.4 litre Crockpot which I love. But sometimes I find it a bit big for one person so have been looking for a smaller 1 litre version.
Eventually I found a company called Team who make a 1liter, super compact slow cooker so I ordered one. I have to say its brilliant, it cooks food just as well as the Crockpot but makes much less and takes less room.
I will still be using my Crockpot for bigger recipes (making batches of food or making seitan) but this little guy is my new favourite kitchen gadget. If you're looking for a small, 1-2 person slow cooker I can't recommend this highly enough:
Click here to have a look at the companys website

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