Friday, 18 July 2014

July Vegan Tuck Box Review

I have been a massive fan of Vegan Tuck Box since they launched last year, I was first introduced to them at the LABL fair in Liverpool where I bought their first box to try out and within a few days I had already set up a monthly subscription.
They are a great company with excellent customer service who actually listen to their customers (a few months ago they asked for feedback on how to improve their service, my idea was to allow additional items to be bought in the online shop and added to your next tuck box to save on postage. Vegan Tuck Box listed and have incorporated this facility into their shop).
Barring the special edition boxes (Chocolate Lovers & Gluten Free) I have had them all but I have not reviewed them because I always found them rather heavy on chocolate products. This month however the selection was a brilliant and varied, with most products being completely new to me:

Friesengold Chocolate Shortcake Biscuits -
These were heavenly. Light as air and delicious. I know some bloggers had a few broken biscuits but I only found 1 to be broken, which didn't detract from the taste at all. I would definitely have these again:

Montezumas Salted Caramels - 
I wasn't sure if I would like these or not but I loved them. The buttery taste of caramel with the salt is perfectly balanced and make an unusual but tasty treat:

Rysp Baked Rye Sour Dough Crisps -
I have tried these before (at this years LABL fair), they are a bit of an acquired taste/texture, but once you get used to them they are very enjoyable. This pack was Garlic & Rosemary, I think they would be lovely dipped in houmous:

Smooze Coconut & Mango Fruit Ice -
I have tried a different flavour of Smooze (coconut & pink guava) but not this one, in my opinion this is far better than the other flavours, a lovely combination of coconut and mango which is both tasty and refreshing:

Vantastic Foods Almond Milk Chocolate -
This is another new flavour for me (I have had a few other Vantastic chocolate products), this one was great. A sweet milk like chocolate with little bits of almond. A really nice bar of chocolate:

Sweet Revolution Lime Raw Chocolate - 
Fabulous. I loved this bar, it was delicious and was really similar to chocolate lime sweets. The lime was not overpowering but added a great dimension and taste to a good quality raw chocolate:

Amazin Tomato Corn Rolls -
Time for a confession. I ate the whole pack in one sitting. These were very very good. They are basically tomato flavoured tortilla chips in a roll shape, they do taste a little oily but once you start eating them its hard to stop:

Cocofina Coconut & Date Bar - 
This was an unusual bar, similar to a Nakd bar but with the coconut content it was a lot more fatty.It was unusual but still tasty, I would buy these if I saw then in a shop:

Wild Trail Cherry Crumble Bar - 
This was a nice bar, with a underlying cherry flavour but tasted nothing like crumble. It was a lot drier than most cereal bars due to the oat content. It was tasty and I would buy them, but this was not my favourite item:

Creative Nature Tropical Treat Bar -
I didn't expect to like this at all as I have tried a different flavoured bar and thought it tasted like carpet. This flavour was much better, it was quite moist with a good ginger flavour. I did enjoy it but wouldn't bother to buy these:

Wowbab Orange Bar - 
This is a cereal bar made with Baobab, Amaranth, Quinoa & Orange Flavour Chocolate. I didn't think I would like this because I hate quinoa, but I loved it. You cannot taste the quinoa, only its texture. The chocolate is delightful with just the right amount of orange. A really nice and health cereal bar:

Overall this months tuck box was brilliant. An excellent range of products, most of which were delicious.