Monday, 8 February 2016

Banana Bread Review 2 - Thug Kitchen

This is a cookbook that I have never cooked from so I had no idea if this would be good or not. This I what I thought:

Taste = 2/3
The recipe at first didn’t taste like much, I think I was expecting it to be sweet and jam packed with flavour which it isn’t, however after having a few pieces it really grew on me. The only sweetness in the recipe is from banana and maple syrup, there is no added sugar so it wasn’t very sweet, it was almost savoury which makes it perfect if you want to pair it with something like chocolate spread or peanut butter. It was a refreshing change to make a banana bread that was more like bread than cake, I think however it could have been improved with a bit more cinnamon

Texture = 2/2
The texture of this bread is outstanding, it has the consistency of a good quality bread. It was perfect

Ease of Preparation = 2/2
This recipe calls for oat flour, even though you can buy it the recipes stated it can be made by throwing oats in a food processor which I did. Even spending time doing this I still managed to get it in the oven in 30 minutes

Freezes Well = 1/1
The texture and taste was the same after freezing as it was before

Cost = 1/1
All the ingredients needed were in the cupboard, including the oats so full marks

Healthy? 1/1
With no added sugar, oats, whole-wheat flour and very little oil this recipe ticks the healthy box as well

Total 9/10
This recipe was almost perfect, the texture was brilliant, the taste was quite good, its healthy, cheap and easy to make.
If all the recipes in Thug kitchen are like this it going to make a massive fan out of me