Sunday, 18 March 2012

Product Reviews

Over the last 2 months I have been using 2 Clif bars as my post swim protein snack (bought as packs of 12), the first is Black Cherry Almond - this is really good, not too sweet with a good chocolate taste which makes it perfect as a morning snack. The second is Banana nut bread which out of the 2 is my favourite, its sweet bananary with nice chunks of dark chocolate in - I will definitely be buying this again!

The last product that I am reviewing is Teese Mozzarella, I bought this from and to be honest wish that I hadn't. It melts really well, but in my opinion is tasteless. It was £4.45 for 280 grams and  I can honestly say I won't be buying this again:

French Onion Soup

I have 54 Vegan cookbooks and try to use them, but inevitably end up reading through them wishing I was eating the food in them, but without having to put in the effort needed to cook. This year however I have decided to try and cook as much as possible from my cookbooks. So far I have been using Hearty Vegan meals for monster appetites (Mushroom soup, Chikin noodle soup, Lentil & bacon pot o'stew, Hearty breakfast bowl, Ham-ish Saucisses), Big Vegan (Sweet potato & edamame shepherds pie) and Vegan brunch (Italian feast sausages). This week I decided to try making French onion soup from Vegan comfort food by Alicia C. Simpson, I have never had French onion soup before but I really enjoyed this, it was sweet, oniony and deep, topped with baguette and melted Teese Mozzarella:

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Product reviews/vegan finds

So I ordered some groceries from Iherb in the states and managed to get some fantastic stuff - Marshmallow treats (gorgeous), Non dairy cheese crackers (likewise gorgeous), 2 types of fake chikin stock, soup, oatmeal and an omega three bar. Delivery was excellent and reasonable as well!

I also bought some Rice & Rice products from DietaryNeedsDirect. They are all lovely, the bar was OK but the pudding pots were really good (but very sweet). I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a break from Soya:

I took a self indulgent trip shopping in Liverpool and managed to find ColaCao & dark chocolate hazelnut spread from Lunya (a Catalonian Deli), liquid smoke from Delifonseca, black salt from Mattas, vegan custard creams from Tesco and a dark chocolate bunny (£2.19 from Home Bargains):

Food from March

Just a few of the culinary delights from the last 2 weeks:

Blueberry Maple Overnight Oats:

Hearty Breakfast Bowl (inspired by Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites):
This was really good, fried potatoes, scrambled tofu, home made fakon bits & salsa

Vegan Chikin Fu-Yung:

Hearty chikin noodle soup (from Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites):
Another excellent recipe from this book, will definitely be making this again.

Amy's Indian Vegetable Korma:
This was really great - its best cooked in the microwave though.

The Marks and Spencers Vegan option:
The only Vegan sandwich that I could find in M&S, it was quite good but not very filling.

Lasagne rolls with tofu ricotta (from Vegan Family Meals):
This was OK but had a unusual taste and took hours to make, I wont be making it again.