Thursday, 17 March 2016

Banana Bread Review 3 - Crossroads

I got this book for Christmas and have always loved the recipes from Tal Ronnen so I was really exited to try this recipe.

Taste = 1.5/3
The banana bread tasted OK however it was flavoured with banana, cinnamon and vanilla so it should have tasted great but didn't - it was just a basic banana bread. Nice but not special

Texture = 1.5/2
The bread had a strange texture, kind of claggy. It wasn't bad just unusual

Ease of Preparation  = 1/2
I was quite impressed on how quick this was to make, it needed flax eggs but was still oven ready in about 35 minutes

Freezes Well = 1/1
Froze and defrosted really well

Cost = 0.5/1
This didn't use any really weird ingredients but did need flax seeds which I didn't have

Healthy? 1/1
I have given this full marks from a health point of view as although it contained quite a bit of oil it didn't use much sugar

Total Score 6.5/10
Overall this was a basic banana bread. Could have been so much better