Saturday, 14 February 2015

Vegan Slow Cooking For 2 Or Just For You Week 3

This week I have cooked 6 recipes from this book, here's what I though:

Spicy Southern Chickpeas
This was a lovely recipe, quite spicy, packed with flavour and perfect with a big sausage roll

Clean out the fridge curry
Bloody awful.Will never make this again (its the pie of veg at the bottom of the photo)

Old Fashioned Tomato & Veg soup
This was a good recipe, more filling than normal soup (potatoes always help with that). I subbed the Okra for Cabbage because I hate Okra. I served it with more potatoes, broccoli & vegg for dipping

New England Tofu Rolls
I didn't expect to like these but they were really good, creamy and spicy at the same time they were filling and substantial sandwiches

Bold Lemon Pear Spread
Excellent recipe, very similar to lemon curd. It was quite thin (probably because I only cooked it for 3 hours and because I left out the silken tofu). In future I would reduce the lemon a bit, maybe add more arrowroot to thicken it more, but overall a really tasty spread and very good on the calories. The recipe made about 300 grams with a total calorie count of 216 calories (thats 72 cals per 100 G). I have been using this on lots of things - bread, toast, plain yoghurt, porridge and if there is any left I will be using it on pancakes on Tuesday

And finally - Small Batch Brownies
I made these in the oven because my history of using slowcookers for cakes/cookies is bad. I divided the recipe by 3 to make 1 big single serving. It was lovely, cooked really well and tasted great. I would cook it for a few minutes less in future to make it more gooey inside (I just like gooey brownies).  I served it with Booja Booja Vanilla "Ice Cream":

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