Monday, 14 April 2014

April Cookbook Review - The Cheesy Vegan

This month I have been cooking from the Cheesy Vegan by John Schlimm. I have been looking forward to using this book for a while, here's what I thought:

Sharp Cheddar

This was a really disappointing, for me it mostly tasted like lemon. It had a good consistency, grated well and looked the part but even after attempting it a second time with less lemon it still tasted too much like lemon.

Jack Cheese
This was much more successful, a mild tasting cheese with a great texture. I prefer cheese to have a bit more flavour so I probably won’t make this again but its a good example of how nice these cheeses can be

Hot Chili Bean Casserole
I loved this, it was full of flavour and utterly delicious. Definitely one to make again

Tomato Gratin with Cheddar Crumb
This was a tasty and simple recipe to make, very filling and wholesome but I felt there was way too much garlic, I could taste it for hours afterwards

Seasoned Mac and Cheese
This was excellent, made using 2 types of cheese (hard and soft), it was excellent and very indulgent

Cheese Houmous
This was my favourite recipe. Bursting with flavour from the nooch and cashews, I have made this several times with additions such as sun dried tomatoes and loved it every time

Cheesey Muffins
These were little bites of heaven, mini cheesy muffins packed with flavour. Just lovely

Overall I did like this book, what I really loved was the simplicity of most of the recipes, they all came together quickly without hours of prep. Barring one or two recipes I wasn't a fan of I think this is an excellent cookbook which I will most definitely be using in future