Sunday, 3 August 2014

August Cookbook Review - Mouthwatering Vegan

This month I have been cooking from Mouthwatering Vegan by Miriam Sorrell:

This book is jam packed with gorgeous looking vegan recipes that I have been looking forward to trying for ages, this is what I thought:

Tofu & Mushroom Scramble:
This was a nice recipe using silken tofu, mushrooms. I didn't expect it to be that great but I was surprised, the tahini really made the recipe special and I will definitely be using it in my scrambles in future:

Cream of Porcini Mushroom Soup:
This was a nice, warming and flavourful soup, I subbed the cream for coconut cream but I don't think it made much of a difference. I'm not usually a fan of mushroom soup but this was good:

This was really excellent, I changed the "beef" for "chorizo" as that was all I had in the freezer, this recipe was full of flavour and absolutely delicious:

Red bomb Curry:
This again was full of flavour, also very filling and very healthy:

Spanish Omelet:
I liked this. A lot. It was flavourful and didn't go mushy or fall apart like some omelets. The only improvement I would make is some extra nooch:

Creme Caramel:
This was good but the tofu seemed to split and the taste of tofu did come through. I may try this again with a firm tofu and more maple syrup:

Mouthwatering Multigrain Bake:
This was a good recipe for summer, filling and healthy, tasty and great served cold:

 Rainbow Rice Salad:
This was good - rice, veg, apple, cheese, I would make it again but I would leave out the mint, it ruined it for me as it contrasted with the rest of the flavours:

Greek Garlic Bean Stew:
This was another good recipe, on the first night I thought it was just good but the next night I had the leftovers with some added BBQ sauce and nooch which made it fantastic:

Juicy Burger and Potato Stew:
This was another winner but I didn't like the idea of leaving the burgers whole, I prefer them chopped up so I would do that in future:

Chili Con Carne:
This was good chili recipe, I personally prefer chili served cold but it would be equally good warm:

Happy Milk:
Vegan milk made from cashews and maple syrup - who could fail to love that? I have to admit I would not have tried this without having a high powered blender, but if you do have one this is definitely a great recipe, tasty but not overly sweet, the only flavour a slight taste of cashew:

Shepherds Pie with Maple Glazed Parsnips:
This was my favourite recipe. Outstanding. I forgot to put a layer of cheese in but it was still a fantabulous recipe that I have ear marked for making again:

Overall - a great book. There was nothing that I didn't actually like, there were a recipes where I would have like to change thing but other than that it was fantastic. There are also some rather fab looking desserts in here too such as a vegan bountyesq bar that I am dying to make!