Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 17 - Please Don't Feed The Bears

This week I have been cooking from a curious little book called Please Don't Feed The Bears by Asbjorn Itonsus:

I first came across this book a few years ago on the VeganFreaks forum and decided to buy it, it does not just contain recipes but also stories*, hints about cooking (such as "Thickeners Demystified") , quotes, hand drawn pictures, music recommendations for each recipe and a cross word.

The first recipe that I tried was Chinese Take-Out. It was delicious and tasted like it had just come from a Chinese restaurant - very similar to veg in black bean sauce. I will be making this again without a doubt:

The second recipe was Corn and Potato Chowdah. Again another lovely recipe, creamy thick and tasty - and surprisingly healthy:

The third recipe that I tried was Road Rash Skillet - this is a mix of burger crumbles (I used Asda Chargrill Style Burger Mix), pasta, tomato sauce, green beans, oregano, garlic & cinnamon. This was again another really good dish, I have tried Cinnamon in savoury food before and didn't like it (Cincinnati chili from Low Cal Vegan Comfort Food) but this worked really well. I made it after getting home from work late and it was warm, tasty comfort food:

The final recipe that I made was Roald Dahl Soup. I'm not sure why its called this (possibly it was inspired from a recipe in Roald Dahl's cookbook - Completely Revolting Recipe's) but as per the 3 other recipes it was also rather good. It was made with yellow split peas, mung beans & Basmati rice with lots of curry flavour and was filling as well. Several people in work actually commented on how lovely it smelled in the office:

Overall I really like this book, the only criticisms would be that it doesn't state how many people each recipe serves and in one or two of the recipe's steps are missing (for example in the chowdah recipe it doesn't state what to do with the carrot) but from a taste point of view all the recipes were great. In the past I have also made the BBQ wrecking ball loaf which again was delicious (especially topped with Tofutti cream cheese).

*My favourite story is from page 29 about the day the author saw a dead woman, it was very touching and made this cook book extra special in my eyes.


  1. I have Please Don't Feed the Bears but I've never made any of these recipes. One of my favourites is a smokey bean and sausage dish that I can never remember the name of!

    1. Oooh thanks, I'll have a look through and give it a try :-)