Friday, 12 April 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 14 - Happy Herbivore

Happy Herbivore is the original book in the herbivore series, I have had it for ages and use some of the recipes regularly (Banana Bread & Pancakes) but this week I have made the "Tuna" salad, Rajam Masala & the Nomelet.

The Nomelet was quite good, it was baked rather than fried but for some reason I wasn't too keen on the texture, I much preferred the omelettes from Cozy Inside & The Fat Free Vegan Blog, but here's how mine looked:

The Rajam Masala (Kidney Bean Masala) was really good, not too spicy and packed with flavour:

Again I have saved the best for last - the "tuna" was great (not as good as The Sexy Vegans but almost), it didn't taste overpoweringly of fish and was good and creamy:

Overall this was a really good book and I will definitely be continuing to use it in future.

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