Friday, 10 May 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 18 - PETA's Vegan College Cookbook

This week I have been cooking from PETA's Vegan College Cookbook, I bought this book several years ago and one of my favourite recipes come from it  - Chick Magnet Chicken Casserole (layers of soya chicken, silken noochy garlicky sauce, tomato sauce, vegan cheese & tortillas). I have adapted this recipe by substituting the tortillas for Ritz crackers (its now called my Haven casserole because I was watching the Stephen King TV series Haven when I adapted the recipe and also becuase in Stephen Kings book The Stand some of the characters eat Ritz Crackers but enough of my strange rambling!) and now vegan bacon rasher crunchies.
This book hasn't got great reviews online and admittedly some of the recipes are extremely basic (one recipe is bread, vegan cheese & pickle) but other are actually rather good (I have eaten the Haven casserole on my birthday for 3 years running now) so I decide to try some others:

The morning-after scramble - this is tofu, garlic, soya milk, nutritional yeast & salsa. Admittedly it doesn't look very appetising but it was actually really tasty - spicy and cheesey at the same time and completely different from any scramble I have had in the past :

No need to visit a diner for has browns casserole - this was shredded potatoes, broccol & sausage topped with a cheesey sauce - just lovely:

Broke ass cinnamon rolls - these are really simple (bread & sugar & margarine & cinnamon) and were tasty but not great , oddly I ended up making them 5 times:

Mediterranean Muesli - this was my least favourite recipe - oats, soya milk, apricots & dates. It was OK but a bit tasteless and I won't be bothering to make it again:

Not your average burrito - chicken (I used the tofu chicken from cookin crunk), brown rice, broccoli & vegusto vegan cheese wrapped in a tortilla - it was really delicious and I will make this again in future:

WTF wings - Soya chicken coated in soya sauce, garlic powder & cracker crumbs. These were surprisingly good,  I did overcook them slightly but they were still rather tasty:

Chick'n Nachos - refried beans, chicken, salsa & tortillas. This was really good, a bit basic but full of taste and very filling:

Adapted Chick Magnet Chicken Casserole - not great to look at but lovely to eat :

In a pickle chickpea salad - other than the casserole above this was my favourite recipe (Chickpeas, celery, nooch, onion powder, relish & mayo) it was absolutely delicious and I will be making it again this weekend:

Overall I really liked this book, its not fine dining and the recipes probably won't win any prizes but they were quick, tasty and not too unhealthy, a very useful little book when you work late and need a quick snack/dinner idea.

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