Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 8 - The Sexy Vegan

This week I have been cooking from The Sexy Vegan by Brian L Patton.

The three recipes that I tried were the Pretend Italian Sausages, Jambalaya & Blam Chowder.

The Sausages were really good, they use potato to soften them and the flavours was wonderful, the Jambalaya on the other hand I really didn't care for - it tasted like tinned tomatoes over rice.

Jambalaya can be seen here with the Italian Sausage on top:

Now we come to the New England Blam Chowder. This was gorgeous, creamy and I will definitely be making this again.

Overall I do like this book, it has some unusual methods for doing things (such as potato in Seitan to make it softer and using blended cashews in non-dairy milk to make soup creamy) and I will certainly be using it again. I have also made a few things from this in the past - basic Seitan and the Fat Ass sandwich, both of which were a complete success and tasted delightful.


  1. The blam chowder looks gorgeous - what's it got in it?

  2. It was really good, from memory its got veg, mushrooms, potato, stock, herbs, sea weed, cashews blended with non dairy milk & topped with Tempeh bacon