Friday, 22 March 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 11 - The Healthy Voyager's Global Kitchen

This week I have been cooking from Carolyn Scott-Hamilton's Healthy Voyager book. This book reminds me of Vegan Eats World in that it has different recipes from over the world. The four that I tried were:

No Toad In The Hole - This was quite good, nice and stodgy and tasted quite reminiscent of Toad in the hole from my pre-vegan days, I have used this recipe in the past using plain soy yoghurt instead of the silken tofu which worked well, however with the silken tofu it did not rise as well and was a bit less crunchy:

Yorkshire Pudding - considering that the No toad in the hole recipe usually works well, I was really looking forward to trying this. However it was quite disappointing. It may be because instead of making small ones I made 1 large, which turned out more like a pancake. It was still tasty though:

No Es Vaca Frita (Fried Beef & Onions) - I loved this, it was quite time consuming (making seitan in the oven, then cooking again with broth, then pan frying) but well worth it. The seitan was spicy and warming, and the lime juice/garlic marinade added a slight sweetness that worker well. I will be making the seitan again as I liked it so much on its own and I will probably be making the entire dish again:

The best I saved for last - Suthun' Biscuits and Gravy. This was the best recipe that I tried, I have made biscuits before but none tasted anywhere near as good as these and they were smothered in a creamy sausage gravy. This is will be making again:

Overall I really like this book, any issues are probably due to my incompetence in the kitchen  and I would recommend it to any vegan wanting to try international cuisine, as I stated earlier the book is similar to Vegan Eats World, but in my opinion the recipes are less complicated and a little more indulgent. I have already written a list of the other recipes I want to try (including the sinful Better Than Bechamel Macaroni & Beef)

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