Friday, 15 March 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 10 - The Vegan Table

This week I have been cooking from The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, I have only used this book once before to make a quesedilla (which was lovely) but I decided to make Hearty Stew, Split Pea Soup &  Hummus.

The hearty stew was delicious - chunks of tempeh, potato & vegetables in a herby gravy (I served mine with a Hasselback potato) - I will probably make this again:

Split pea soup is one of my favourite soups, this recipe called for green split peas but I only had yellow so I used those, the soup was really good (almost as good as the version from Low Cal Vegan Comfort Food):

The hummus was a bit disappointing, I don't think its this recipe in particular I just seem to find that home made hummus is always a bit of a let down compared with shop bought - it just doesn't taste as good:

Quesedilla -  I never tried a quesedilla before becoming vegan but after trying this recipe I realised what I have been missing out on, the recipes uses 2 tortilla wraps filled with hummus (shop bought in my case) and salsa, then pan fried. I tastes delightful and has become a regular meal in my house:

The Vegan Table is an excellent cookbook, with the exception of the hummus (which is more of a personal issue than a fault with the recipe) I have really enjoyed all the recipes I have tried and will be using the book again.

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