Saturday, 17 January 2015

Happy Herbivore Holidays and Gatherings Week 2

This week I have cooked 8 recipes from this book and lets start with the bad.

Magical Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies
Neither of these were great, I burned the magical cookies but that aside both cookies just tasted of apple sauce. I won't be making these again

Carrot Hot Dogs
The less said the better. Not great

A now for the good stuff:

Meatloaf bites
These were pretty tasty and came together really quickly. They didn't knock me off my feet but were a nice change from the norm. I served them with Vegusto seitan, veg, baked potato and Tofurky gravy:

Oatmeal for all occasions
I chose the Back to School PBJ option, it was pretty good but I don't think mixing the jam and peanut butter works well, I think it would be better to mix the peanut butter into the oatmeal and then swirl the jam in.

Skillet Green Bean Casserole
Being English I have never understood the concept of green bean casserole, but I have tried it a few times and this is a pretty good version, its very quick to cook and tastes like mushroom gravy with green beans in

West African Peanut Stew
This is a great recipe, not as good as the version in Nut Butter Universe but this is probably half the calories so taking that into account its pretty damn good, very tasty and filling

PB & J Muffins
These were really great, lovely sponge with a dollop of jam in the middle. The peanut butter taste is not that strong but leaves a lovely after taste. I will be making these again but might try subbing the jam for chocolate spread

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