Thursday, 1 January 2015


Happy new year! This is a quick post to wrap up last years cookbook challenge. I cooked from 12 different books (the bigger vegan cookbooks or those with lots of recipes I wanted to try in). So which was my favourite? Thats very hard to decide: Big Vegan, Betty Cooks Vegan, Oh She Glows and Isa Does It were all in the running but the top 3 were:
Vegan Casseroles, Vegan Pizza and my very favourite was American Vegan Kitchen.
American Vegan Kitchen is absolutely fantastic and I think its my favourite cookbook of all, but thats yet to be decided this year which I will be posting about soon.

Also here are a few food photos from this Christmas...
Yule Log

Christmas breakfast

Tofurky Dinner

Yule Log

Christmas night snack

Boxing day dinner

Tofurky, chippy chips and gravy

Cookie salad

New years dinner


  1. Looks great, what was the Tofurkey like? Happy New Year x

  2. Happy new year. The Tofurky was fantastic. I have it every year now.

  3. That all looks amazing! Can I come to yours for Christmas next year? Ha.