Sunday, 11 January 2015

Happy Herbivore Holidays and Gatherings Week 1

This week I have made 7 recipes from this book and here's what I thought

Cauliflower Hot Wings:
I loved these, the flavour was excellent. Not too hot but spicy enough to give a kick

Rueben: This was not the best sandwich I have had but the actual mushroom mix/flavourings was excellent and would be great for flavouring tofu/seitan, but as I served it cold the next day it didn't work as well:

Cowboy Beans and Cornbread
I loved the beans (although I would reduce the chili powder). I will definitely be making these again! The cornbread was good, but a little dry (taking into account the fact that it was almost fat free thats to be expected so it was still a good cornbread recipe):

BBQ Sliders
These were made using cabbage instead of pulled pork, they were OK but didn't really do it for me

Cherry Tart Brownies:
These were really good, next time I may sub the balsamic for water and the molasses for syrup but as they are they were really really good. The recipe should have made 9 servings, but I halved it and it made about 2 1/2 big servings (the one picture only contained 231 calories). I also think the base recipe would be good for other things - eg sub the cherries for dates, cocoa for flour, molasses for syrup/butterscotch and it may make a nice sticky toffee pudding:

Rice Pudding:
Another good recipe! As per the recipe I didn't add sweetner due to the sweetened non dairy milk (Almond in this case) and I did have to add some water to stop it from burning in the pan but this tasted wonderful. I served it for breakfast with sliced banana

As far as this goes, so far so good. Back next week with more...

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