Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 19 - Vegan With A Vengeance

I have had this book for years (it was one of the first Vegan cookbooks that I bought) but I have rarely used it, the only recipe that I have made is the Raspberry Blackout Cake with Ganachey Icing for my birthday last year which was delicious.

This week I have cooked 5 things from the book -

Breakfast Veggie Chorizo - this was really good - kind of like a spicy bolognese, a bit watery but full of flavour and very simple/quick to make:

Sweetcorn Chowder - this was outstanding good, flavoursome, sweet & spicy, definitely the best sweetcorn/chowdery soup I have tasted and I will definitely be making this again:

Mash with Post Punk Chickpea Gravy - this was another great recipe (the book just seems full of them), warm, lemony and delicious, I made it twice it was so good:

Banana Split Pudding Brownie - this was a good recipe, I have never actually tried a brownie before (I may have eaten something when I was a teen that was reminiscent of a hockey puck and covered in M&M's from Spar but I don't think that actually counts as food) so I was looking forward to trying this and it didn't disappoint. It was chocolatey, sticky, fudgy & delicious:

Finally I also made the blackout cake again (it was my birthday again) and as normal it didn't disappoint:

Overall I think I have underestimated this book in the past, I have looked through it and found the recipes either unappetising or complicated, however I have been proven completely wrong and all the recipes that I tried were great. I will be pulling VWAV out far more frequently in future. 

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