Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 5 - Cookin Crunk

This week I have been cooking from Cookin Crunk from Bianca Phillips

The first recipe that I tried was the Chicken Seitan, this was tasty and had a great texture, I will be making this again and may use the recipe to make a seitan roast at Easter:


 The second recipe that I tried (which I have made before) was Tofu Chicken and it was delicious! I don't like tofu most of the time but I really enjoyed this recipe, the only adaptation I made was to cook the tofu in the marinade rather than throwing it away:

Creamy Tofu Chicken Pasta Bake - again this was lovely and the only 2 adaptations I made were to bake the Tofu as above and to add some of the marinade into the sauce. I will be making this again:

Cream of Mushroom Soup - this was creamy and a delight to eat! Its the first really good mushroom soup that I have had since becoming Vegan:

Country Vegetable Soup - this soup tasted great and was really filling. With the fake bacon  it reminded me of Quiche Lorraine soup:

BBQ "Pulled" Tempeh & Carrot Sandwich - I liked this sandwich but I think in future I will add more BBQ sauce as even with cooking the Tempeh it still tasted bitter (I like that normally but it doesn't go too well with BBQ):

Hoppin John with Sausage and Brown Rice - this was a pure delight. A layer of brown rice with black-eyed beans, cabbage, sausage & facon (my own addition) in a tomato sauce topped with hot sauce:

Cheesy Tempeh Bacon Grits - Finally another delight, I had to use polenta so it was a little grainy but it was cheesy, oniony, bacon deliciousness!

This is a great Vegan cookbook and has become one of my favourites, the recipes are delicious and filling although a few are quite time consuming (to make the Pasta bake I first had to make the mushroom soup & tofu chicken) but they are well worth it 

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  1. I'm glad to see a review for Cookin' Crunk! I tried that seitan too and it was pretty good, although my boyfriend didn't like the chickpea flour aftertaste. I'm sure it would be fine with soy bean flour.

    I'm making the grits tomorrow =)