Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cookbook challenge week 4 - Appetite for reduction

This week I have been cooking from Appetite for Reduction, I have used this book in the past and have always been a fan of the Veggie Pot Pie Stew Recipe - one of my favourite staples. I have also made hottie black eyes peas & greens and several other recipes, but this week I decided to try 3 completely new recipes:

Sure fire seitan - This was bloody awful, it looked and tasted like wet soggy brains (it also contained 16 grams of salt in the entire recipe). I threw most of this away and will never be making it again.

BBQ Mango Beans - Much better, I tasted this while I was making it and it wasn't great, but as soon as I put the sweetener (sweet freedom instead of agave) and liquid smoke in, it transformed into something delicious:

Bistro Broccoli Chowder - This was really good; filling, tasty and just lovely!

Overall I really like this book, most of the recipes I have made have turned out well but if its a lower calorie vegan cook book that you're after I would recommend the Happy Herbivore books instead


  1. The sunfire seitan was also a failure for me.

    The bistro chowder is fine, but since I don't like parsnips, I have some issues with it.

    Did you try the lots a veggie lentil soup? It awesome!

  2. Glad to hear I wasn't the only one with the seitan issues! I will give the veggie lentil soup a whirl, thanks :-)