Saturday, 23 February 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 7 - Artisan Vegan Cheese

So this week I have been cooking from Artisan Vegan Cheese, most of the cheese recipes in this book require Rejuvelac ( a homemade culture), I made this using brown rice and thought it had turned out OK. I think I may have been wrong as I attempted to make 3 cheeses and only 1 worked out as it was supposed to (this may be down to the fact that its winter here and freezing which makes growing a culture a little difficult).
The three recipes that I tried were the Air Dried Emmentaler, Sharp Cheddar and Boursin.

The Emmentaler started out really well, it looked good but when I was air drying it, it kept getting impaled on the drying rack. In the end I used a hair dryer on it. It tasted OK, but would have been far better if I had been able to air dry it for longer:

The sharp cheddar looked quite good in the end, but was quite soft (had the consistency of playdoh) and didn't taste much better, again I am attributing this to the rejuvelac:

However the success story was the Boursin, this was just lovely. I'm not sure if it turned out quite as it was supposed to but it was damned good anyway, it had a great flavour and nice texture:

Overall I think this is a great book, any failures were due to myself rather than the recipes and I will be trying again in a few months time when its warmer!

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