Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cookbook challenge week 3 - Low calorie vegan comfort food

This week I have been cooking from Low calorie vegan comfort food by Alicia Simpson.

The first recipe that I tried was the Roasted Tofu - I really didn't like this, it just bored me and I didn't want to finish it. I served it with mushroom risotto:

The next recipe I tried was Chickpea Cacciatore - This was excellent, full of flavour and I really enjoyed it:

The final recipe was the split pea soup - This was the best of the three, really tasty and filling. I will definitely be making this again (the only substitution that I made was instead of celery salt I used a commercial seasoning because I couldn't get celery salt in the supermarket). I served it with baked potato & Vegusto:

I have also made (during the last 6 months) the basic seitan and Cincinnati chilli, the seitan was a great seitan recipe but the chilli was not so great (cinnamon in chilli just does not work for me). 
Overall I think this is a great cookbook but some of the recipes I just didn't like.

This week I have also made the Tofu Omelet from Cozy Inside - this was tasty with a great texture but could have done with a little more flavouring (more nutritional yeast or onion/garlic):

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