Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 48 - Bake and Destroy

This week I have been cooking from Bake and Destroy by Natalie Slater, I have had this book a few weeks and have been looking forward to cooking from it, some of the recipes sound delightful (Honky Tonk French Toast, Caramel Sauce, German's Choclolate Cookies just to name a few). I wasn't disappointed.

Mashed Potato Bowl - OK this is basically a bowl made from mash with your own choice of filling, its not the most complex or impressive recipe in the world but it was a tasty recipe for mash and an interesting way to eat it. I will be making the mash again as it really was tasty:

The Early Bird Special - These are supposed to be pancake flavoured doughnuts, I didn't have a doughnut tin so just made one big one and it was delicious, full of banana, cinnamon & maple syrup flavours & topped with facon. Definitely a great dish for cold winter mornings - please excuse the awful photography I was in a rush to eat this:

Mac 'n' Yeast & Chee-Zee Sauce - These 2 recipes have been clumped together as its the Chee-Zee Sauce thats used in the Mac. Firstly the sauce was good, full of cheesy flavour but could have been improved a bit with some vegan cheese mixed into it, secondly the Mac was brilliant, if it had just been sauce & pasta it would have been a little lack lustre but the breadcrumbs & paprika added an extra depth to the recipe and made it utterly delicious:

Green Bean Casserole Pizza - One thing that this book has is some great pizza recipes, this pizza had a creamy garlic & mushroom sauce (made with soy yoghurt) topped with green beans and fried onion pieces. It was full of flavour and utterly delicious:

Breakfast Pizza - This was my favourite recipe from the book, the sauce is a delicious white gravy filled with onion, garlic & sage flavours topped with scrambled tofu & vegetables. It tasted fantastic:

Overall I loved this book, the recipes are inventive and full to the brim with flavour. I will definitely be making the pizzas again and will be using other recipes from the book as well

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