Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 47 - Essential Vegan Cookbook

This week I have been cooking from the Essential Vegan Cookbook from Vanessa Almeida:

I bought this book after seeing it on the Vegan Cross website, with the book having been written by a Brazillian a few of the recipes are a little unusual (such as Brazillian "Honey" cake) but its definitely worth buying as they all look and sound amazing, I made 4 things:

Crispy Tofu Pillows - These were delicious, seasoned and marinated tofu wrapped in crispy filo pastry. I have never tried anything like these before and loved them. The only thing I didn't like was dealing with filo pasty, in future I made just use a tortilla wrap instead:

Tofu & Mushroom Stroganoff - I loved this, it was full of flavour, very filling and extremely quick/easy to make - definitely worth making again:

Tofu Minced Meat - This was excellent, the tofu is fried with herbs & spices, tomatoes & pineapple until you get a delicious and filling meal. The texture and taste of the tofu really reminded me of soya mince which is something we are sorely missing in the UK at the moment. The pineapple added an extra dimension and it was just scrummy, this recipe is definitely worth making:

Macadamia Cheese - The best way to describe this is that it had "potential". The cheese was so salty and sharp that it almost burnt my lips (it was a little reminiscent of  salt & vinegar crisps) but the flavour & texture underneath was excellent. I think if the lemon juice and salt were halved or even quartered this recipe would be truly excellent. I will be making it again with some adjustments:

Overall I really liked this cookbook, its full of delicious recipes, some of which are unusual or inventive and I'm looking forward to using it in future. There is a Prestigio "Bounty" cake that I am have particularly exited about!

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