Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 40 - The Vegg Cookbook

This week I have been cooking from the Vegg Cookbook by Rocky Shepherd/Sandy Defino, and I am completely divided over this book.
The recipes are not written by one specific person, but are a collection of recipes from different cookery writers/bloggers or chefs using the Vegg. The are a couple of advantages to this, the first being that there are several recipes in the book for similar meals (3 Omelets, 2 scrambled tofu/vegg recipes, a couple quiches) so if you don’t like one you can always use another, the second advantage being that if there is a recipe that you don’t like it won’t mar the book for you as the rest of the recipes are from other people.
However there is also the disadvantage that there can be a lack of consistency (different contributors may be using US cups/UK cups/Australian Cups and some of the recipes use grams and ounces as well).

I was going to make 10 recipes but didn’t want to run out of Vegg so cut it down to 8, 2 of which were a failure with the other 6 being wonderful:

The Bad:

Vegg Omelet - page 15:
This was awful, a combination of firm tofu (recipe didn’t state to use silken so I didn’t), Vegg, soy milk  and oil. It didn’t cook very well and was basically a tasteless lump of blended tofu:

Spaetzle German Vegg Noodles:
This was one of the recipes that I was really looking forward to and disappointed me the most.
The batter looked ok but as soon as it got through the ricer into the hot water it turned it to a weird lump which tasted awful:

The good
Tofu Vegg Omelet - page 23:
This was a really good recipe using Silken Tofu, it was full of flavour and had the consistency of a egg omelette without the chicken periods, the only omelette that I have made which surpassed this was the Denver Bitchette from Skinny Bitch:
Broccoli Quiche:
I have mad loads of recipes for quiche in the past and this was a really good one. It had a strong egg taste that I’m not used to so I may try and water it down next time (maybe add some extra tofu in), but other than that it was a definite winner, although the Real men eat quiche Lorraine from Hearty Vegan Meals is still my fave:

Scrambled tofu:
This recipe is perfect for those vegans who really miss eggs, its probably the closest thing to scrambled eggs that I have tried since turning vegan and was quick and simple to make using only a handful of ingredients, sometimes I prefer scrambled tofu not to taste like egg (but rather just a savoury scramble) but for those times when you really do want something eggy its perfect.
Just the thing for a lazy Sunday morning:

Pots O' Chocolate
This was a really excellent recipe, it could have done with a bit more time in the fridge as it was a bit sloppy, other than that I really can’t complain. It’s a really decadent dessert without being stodgy or too filling:

Summer Veggie Casserole
This was unexpectedly good, its basically a load of veg mixed with vegg and breadcrumbs (recipe stated Panko but I could not get them so used Tesco golden) and it was great and really easy to make (most of my prep was carried out the night before). I don’t know what I really expected from it but it tasted fantastic, kind of a cross between a pie and a casserole (tasted like pie with a thick eggy casserole consistency):

Lemon Curd:
So I have saved the best for last, I have not had lemon curd in the 6 years since turning vegan and even though its not something that I have really missed it has always bugged me that I couldn’t buy a vegan version.
This recipe is outstanding, it had quite a strong lemon flavour  - I’m not complaining about this (this was probably due to my juicer which is extremely effective at juicing lemons so I may have used a bit more juice than was called for) so I might add some extra water and extra cornflour next time to make it go further, but I will definitely be making this again. Its the best recipe I have tried in weeks, delicious, easy to make, lower in calories than normal jam and completely brilliant:

Overall I really liked the book, its a bit like a treasure hunt – you have to keep trying recipes until you find the hidden gems (like the angelic lemon curd or the scrambled Vegg) so I will be getting some more Vegg next time I get paid and will be trying more of the recipes to see if I can find more treasure!


  1. I love the look of that lemon curd! It's something I've not had at all since becoming vegan.

    1. This recipe is definitely worth making - the recipe is on the Vegg site:

  2. I have yet to open my package of The Vegg. I've been wondering about the cookbook. Thank you for your review.