Thursday, 19 September 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 39 - Love Bites

This week I have been cooking from Heather Mills cookbook Love Bites, I won this several years ago and have not cooked from it, primarily due to the fact that most of the recipes try to get you to buy a Redwoods/Vbites product, to be fair the recipes do state things like "Vegan Chicken preferably Vbites or Redwood", so you don't have to use their products but it is quite annoying to read it in almost every recipe.
I cooked 4 things from this book and purposely picked recipes where I could avoid using Redwood products:

Crispy Tofu & Tomato Soup - I really liked this recipe, I have never had tofu chunks in soup before but it worked well and the soup was very very tasty:

Hot Cheesy Tomato Soup - Again I really liked this, it was hot and spicy with a slight sour note from lime juice, instead of using the recommended Redwood cheezly I used Violife pizza flavoured cheese:

Beef Style Ragout - This was full of flavour and was a really filling mid-week meal, its the only recipe where I used a Redwood product (meatless balls) because I already had some in the freezer:

One Pot Chinese Style Aubergine Rice - this was awful. Overly spiced with no flavour, very boring and I will never make this again:

Overall I am undecided on this book, I wanted to give it a fair chance but found a lot of the recipes to be veganised versions of non vegan recipes (as opposed to more original recipes like the Peanut Stew from Nut Butter Universe), some look delicious but others are just not appetising. I probably won't be using this book again in the near future 

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