Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cookbook Challenge 27 - A Vegan Taste of France

This week I have been cooking from A vegan taste of France by Linda Majzlik.
At first look this book is very lacklustre, boring and uninspiring - there are no photographs whatsoever. However after making 4 of the recipes I have completely changed my mind, all of them worked out well and tasted great.

Mushroom, walnut and lentil pate - this was really good, full of flavour and very filling (while it was cooking I couldn't believe how good it smelled). What surprised me was how far it went, I made half the recipe which is supposed to feed 3 but it made enough for 5 decent portions:

Red onion, tomato & tarragon tart - I made 2 of these, the first I ate warm and was not impressed with at all. It tasted far too sweet and I really didn't like it, however when left overnight in the fridge it was wonderful, tasty, not too sweet and as it had a wholewheat crust it tasted hearty & healthy. Definitely one that I will make again:

Vichyssoise - this was another excellent dish, primarily consisting of potato & leeks the only change I made was to use Vegan chicken bouillon instead of veg stock as I think Vichyssoise usually has chicken stock in. It was a really great tasting soup, I served it hot but it was supposed to be served cold. I might try it that way next time:

Chocolate & Hazelnut Ramekin  - finally another tasty recipe! This was really simple to make (cornflour, cocoa, soy milk etc) and tasted divine:

I have to say that this book completely proved me wrong, I thought I was going to have a week of boring food but it ended up the complete opposite. If these books could just be improved with some photo's they would be far better.

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  1. Ooooh that chocolate & hazelnut ramekin looks great.