Saturday, 30 January 2016

Banana Bread Review 1 - Happy Herbivore

I have made this recipe several times in the past and have always liked it, its a simple recipe and I remember at some point changing some of the flour for cocoa powder to make chocolate banana bread which worked really well. Some of my non vegan family also enjoyed this so I decided this would be the first recipe to review

Taste = 2/3
The recipe uses a good combination of banana, maple syrup, some sugar (recipe called for raw but I used demerara), vanilla and spices. It was sweet but not too sweet and really hit the spot

Texture = 1/2
It had the texture of rubber. However I still gave the recipe 1 point because when I made this in the past the texture was much better, I think the issue this time was that the bananas I used were slightly bigger which made the recipe too moist. The recipe is normally moist anyway because its covered when baking, so this time it ended up being gummy but it was still enjoyable, tasty and I've had success with it in the past

Ease of Preparation  = 2/2
This was quick and simple, in the oven in less than 30 minutes

Freezes Well = 1/1
Every time I have made this it freezes brilliantly and tastes the same as it did fresh

Cost = 1/1
I had all the ingredients for this in the house, maple syrup is pretty expensive but other than that this was very cheap to make

Healthy? 1/1
The recipe used banana, maple syrup and sugar but not huge amounts of any, it didn't taste too sweet, didn't have lots of salt, had no added fat and used wholewheat flour.

Total Score 8/10

This is a really good recipe, very adaptable, cheap, easy and freezes well. A good all rounder!

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