Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 52 - Very Vegan Christmas Cookies

This week, with it being all festive & cold I have been cooking from Very Vegan Christmas Cookies by Ellen Brown:
This book is a delight to flip through, packed with colour photos of delicious looking cookies, I decided the make three and here's what I thought.

Linzer Cookies - These were a complete failure. I made the dough, chilled it and even threw it in the freezer for an hour but it was too soft to be used and had to be binned. It may have been that I used caster sugar instead of icing sugar, or that ground almonds/almond meal are not the same thing. Whatever the reason I couldn't make these in the end.

Stained Glass Cookies - These are cookies with a filling of smashed up boiled sweets that leave the impression of stained glass. They were delightful, the cookies had a lovely almond flavour, a good crunch and the fruit filling gave it a fruity taste as well - the idea of making these is to hang them up as decoration, however I took them into work and they lasted (in a room full of omnivores) about 60 minutes. I will be making the cookies again, but probably without the crushed sweets in the centre and it ruined a good pan smashing them:

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies - These were the best of the three.The best cookies/biscuits that I have ever made. They are filled with flavour, crunchy and packed with chocolate chips. Again I took these into work and they lasted about the same time as the stained glass cookies (I did however put a few away for a colleague who was on leave and even after 4 days they retained the same texture/crunch as when they were fresh baked). The only change I would make to these is to reduce the amount of chocolate chips by about 50 grams (I accidentally put too many in), but I will definitely be making these again.Soon. And because they contain oats they are practically a health food:

Overall I loved this book, the first failure notwithstanding I was so impressed with these cookies that I will definitely be using this book again, there are some gorgeous recipes that I want to try out later (chocolate chip peanut butter brownies for one). I have read some rather disheartening claims about this book on the internet, one being that the pictures in the book are stock photos and not of the actual recipes, the second being that the author is not vegan, however I really couldn't give a damn as these cookies really were just that good. I'm really glad I chose to use this book for the last week of my challenge as it great to bring it to a close on a positive note. 

I will be posting again in a few days time to bring the challenge to a close properly and list the best/worst recipes that I have tried!

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