Thursday, 12 December 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 51 - Rabbit Food Cookbook

This week I have been cooking from the Rabbit Food Cookbook by Beth A Barnett:

I bought this book because it sounded interesting and I have to say that it is. Most of the recipes are quite straightforward (unlike some cookbooks they usually only take up one small page of this spiral bound book) and I opted to try 4 of them, here's what I though:

Seitan from scratch - this was OK, it uses the boiling/simmering in broth method which I am not a great fan of. It did have a good texture but taste wise it was lacking in flavour. I used it as the seitan in the Seitan pot pie recipe in last weeks slowcooker book and it worked well there so I would say it a good basic seitan for use in other recipes but using on a sandwich or as a faux meat on its own its not great. I won't be making this again whilst there are so many other better seitan recipes out there:

Seitan & Peppers - this is quite a simple recipe - seitan, herbs, spices with corn flour/standard flour to make what turned out to be quite a good recipe. I did throw in some extra spices (Chinese 5 spice and a few others) to give it some additional flavour but overall I quite enjoyed it. Although I should point out I did not use the above seitan to make it, I used the Moo Free Seitan from Vegan Sandwiches Save The Day which is excellent:

Yellow Scrambled Tofu - I have tried quite a few scramble recipes but this was slightly different as it contained less flavourings but had the addition of tomato & red pepper. It was OK and quite tasty but it would have been greatly improved with a bit more flavour - again another recipe I won't be remaking (especially when the Denver Bitchlette from Skinny Bitch was so much better):

Ohio Valley Tofu - Now for the good stuff, this is actually quite a simple recipe. There are quite a few ingredients (tofu & lots of veg) but the flavours/spices/herbs worked together perfectly and made a delicious dish that I definitely want to make again:

Overall I did like this book but there were 2 things I didn't like, firstly I didn't like that the recipes don't state how many servings they make, secondly most of the recipes don't include amounts for the herbs/spices etc which means you have to guess how much to use. Its definitely a good book but not one that can be followed to the letter, its far better suited to those times when you want an idea of what to cook but the flexibility to fly by the seat of your pants as well. 
I will be using it again because some of the desserts do sound delicious! 

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