Sunday, 11 March 2012

Product reviews/vegan finds

So I ordered some groceries from Iherb in the states and managed to get some fantastic stuff - Marshmallow treats (gorgeous), Non dairy cheese crackers (likewise gorgeous), 2 types of fake chikin stock, soup, oatmeal and an omega three bar. Delivery was excellent and reasonable as well!

I also bought some Rice & Rice products from DietaryNeedsDirect. They are all lovely, the bar was OK but the pudding pots were really good (but very sweet). I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a break from Soya:

I took a self indulgent trip shopping in Liverpool and managed to find ColaCao & dark chocolate hazelnut spread from Lunya (a Catalonian Deli), liquid smoke from Delifonseca, black salt from Mattas, vegan custard creams from Tesco and a dark chocolate bunny (£2.19 from Home Bargains):

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