Wednesday, 8 October 2014

October Cookbook Review - Around The World Vegan Style

This months Cookbook review is Around the World Vegan Style by Nancy Robinson

This is a collection of 700 recipes from 10 different chefs from around the world. I bought this book even though is it exorbitantly expensive (I paid around £40 on Ebay but the current price on Amazon is £53.49) and thought it would be wonderful. 
Its not, quite a few of the recipes are repeated (several Mac and Cheese, several Tofu Salad Sandwich recipes etc), the book is badly laid out with recipes squashed in and the photographs (when included) are of poor quality – this coming from someone who’s known for particularly bad photography.

I now think of this as a lazy cookbook, not all but quite a few of the recipes use store bought items that can be difficult for people outside the US to find, for example I was excited to see recipes for Tofurky (thinking it would be recipes to make Tofurky)  but found that you actually need a store bought Tofurky roast for the recipes. Another recipe called for a box of lemon cake mix from which is of very little help. I would have assumed that a book costing 4 times as much as a standard vegan cookbook would be above this.
I managed to find 18 recipes that I wanted (and was able) to make, so here’s what I thought

Mrs Halls Hungrian Goulash
This was a good recipe, very simple, tasty and quick to make it won’t replace my favourite goulash recipe which is from Another Dinner is Possible, but this is good as a quick alternative

Seitan Bourginion
This was quite good, I used the recommended grape juice substitution instead of wine. It was quite flavourful and nice

German Potato Salad
This was quite nice, potato salad with fake bacon bits and lots of flavour. Not bad at all

Alsatian Onion Pie
didn't think I would like this but it was really good, its nice to see a recipe that showcases onion rather than other ingredients. I may make this again

Sharis Golden Macaroni
The sauce for this macaroni is made from butternut squash which I am not a fan of but the other flavours masked the taste, it was really good and quite healthy as well

Oven Omelet
This was probably the best recipe I tried, very quick to make it used mashed tofu rather than blended. It was really good

Tofu Cottage Cheese
I really enjoyed this, it was very flavourful and easy to make. I have made it again since and it was just as good

Hawaiian Island Kabobs
These were really good, full of flavour. Lovely 

Collete's Skillet Tofu
I liked this, its basically a scramble with bean sprouts in but the flavours worked really well

Leftover Luxury
This was rather good, leftovers mixed with BBQ sauce topped with shredded potato. Quite enjoyable

This was a nice recipe, its layers of potato, soy milk and cheese etc. As stated it was nice but not something I would make again

Tofu Italiano
This was basically tofu in a tomato sauce with veg. Nice but boring

Lima Bean Casserole
I used broad beans for this as Lima Beans are impossible to find in the UK. It was a good filling recipe with nice flavours but not something I would make again

Mexican Stacker
This is basically a quesadilla with a fancy name, tasty and filling

Karens Split Pea Barley Soup
This was boring and tasteless.

Macaroni & Cheese
This is a baked macaroni recipe, it was nice but there was nothing special that would make it stand out above other mac recipes

Tofu Eggless Salad
I have had far better from other cookbooks. Disappointing

Yorkshire Pudding
From the picture you can tell that these were a complete flop, hard coins of pastry that were not very appealing at all

Overall, I did like some of the recipes but I felt so disappointed and let down by this book . I was expecting great things and it really didn’t deliver. Would I recommend the book? No. At this price I would recommend spending the money on 3 or 4 other much better cookbooks (Vegan Diner, Isa Does it, American Vegan Kitchen, Vegan Pizza, Chloes Kitchen, Vegan Stoner, Cookin Crunk) to name a few

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