Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cookbook Challenge Week 36 - Skinny Bitch in The Kitch

This week I have been cooking from Skinny Bitch in the Kitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, I bought my copy of this book a few years ago for a £1 from a discount book store but the only thing I have made has been the "Chicken" salad sandwich (which has been one of my favourite sandwiches ever since) so I was looking forward to using this book:

Bitchtastic Brownies - This was was a big failure. Firstly and most importantly the taste was outstandingly good, but the problem was that after an hour in the oven (even though the recipe only states cook for 30 minutes) they were still not done. They looked done so I took them out the oven and let them cool, but when I attempted to remove them from the pan what I got was a big squishy pile of deliciousness that would be great spread on toast or eaten as a mouse, but not actual brownies. This failure may be due to the oil I used, instead of the safflower oil in the recipe I used Carotino, which is suitable for baking but states on the bottle that less can be used compared to regular oil so this may have been the issue ( I also used it to make Lotus (Biscoff) spread blondies which were an epic failure as well) so I will try again with a regular oil as they did taste out of this world.

Chicken Salad Sandwich - This is a great sandwich, fully of flavour from some unusual ingredients (curry powder etc) it really is worth the effort:

Tuna Salad - I was a bit worried about making this as the idea of using parsnip instead of Tuna really didn't sound right. But it was. It was absolutely delicious and I will certainly be making this again:

Meatloaf - I have wanted a really good Vegan meatloaf recipe for a while and now I finally have one, this was bursting with flavour and freezes really well, great for a Sunday roast (the only substitution I made was using Redwoods meatless balls pulsed in a food processor instead of soya mince as there is currently some mystery of frozen soya mince in the UK):

Now for my 3 favourite recipes!

Chicken Noodle Soup - there is not much I can say about this other than it tasted just like chicken soup but without the rotting animal carcass. If you have this book or are planning to buy it this recipe is a must:

French Scramble - This was another great recipe, the texture was similar to soft scrambled egg (as opposed to being quite tough like most scrambled tofu) which was probably due to not pressing the liquid out of the tofu (the recipe didn't state I should so I didn't). The taste was lovely and it had the addition of spinach which I don't usually put in scrambled tofu but it really worked well:

Denver Bitchette - This was the best recipe that I tried, I didn't think that it would become an omelette as it uses dried egg replacer and tofu crumbled by hand, but if you the follow the recipe it ends up being a yummy omelette full of cheese and veggies. I'm not sure if the egg replacer did much but it certainly didn't do any harm having it in there:

Overall this is a damn good book, I loved every recipe and will be making every single one again.

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