Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday morning blues and some more product reviews

With pancake day coming up I thought I would sharpen my pancake making skills, so for breakfast Sunday morning I made pancakes from the Happy Herbivore cookbook, with blueberries and Provamel blueberry yogurt. They were delicious:

I have tried a couple of new products over the last week or two and all have been wonderful, the first was Fry's pepper steak style pie, it was lovely and had great pastry (although the pepper was quite hot!):

The second was Hippo Hyfryd white cacao coconut bar. Its coconut white chocolate truffle, wrapped in dark chocolate. After my first bite I thought "this isn't that great", but with each bite it got better and better and when I finished it I was craving more - its the closest thing to a vegan "Bounty" that I have tried so far and I will definitely be buying them again:

The third/fourth were the new Hazelnut/Almond milks from Alpro, I wasn't a big fan of the Almond (never have been a big fan of almond milks) but it is just as good (if not better) than its rivals and far cheaper, the Hazelnut however has become one of my favourite "milks" and will be making regular appearances in my kitchen. They both come in UHT and fresh versions, I tried UHT and they were both £1.59:

 Finally (and I have saved the best for last) Kara Chocolate Coconut Milk, this is just excellent beyond words. In my opinion - the nicest vegan chocolate milk there is:

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